Believing in the idea that art in general and music in particular are a common global languages, which have the ability to create a link and dialogue between people and deliver a message of love and peace. In the light of this concept Nile band was founded and established by Nasser Abbas and Madani Mudawi in 2005.

Nile Band present a type of musical pieces and traditional songs from the enormous rich and unique heritage of Sudan. Nile band music was arranged with a vision of a simplified and retaining the traditional character that featured in the rhythms.

success was achieved through the participation provided by the band at various music festivals in Belgium, France, Netherlands and Germany since 2005.

Sudan is very diverse, with five hundred plus ethnic groups spread across the country’s territory, which is the third largest country in Africa. The country has been a crossroads between North, East and West Africa for hundreds of years, and is inhabited by a mixture of Sub-Saharan Arabs and Africans. The play list of Nile band has been including a selection of different musical mode that shows the diversity and make a unique performance on the stage. The vocal track is always talking about love and peace, some of the songs used to be performed at the harvest celebrations or social events. Musical arrangements of Nile band playlist is done by Nile members Nasser Abbas, Shihab Sharhabil and Sami Mahmoud.

The reputation of wars and conflicts remained a tyrant feature of many African countries, indeed Sudan is one of them!, and we believe that negative impression can only be changed from the world minds by musicians and artists effort!.




Helder Godinho: Bass player born in Angola. Developed his ‎playing through his experience with Funk, Hip hop, Reggae, ‎Acid Jazz, Brazilian and Cape Verdian music sense. He joined ‎the Nile band in 2016.‎

Klaas De Coninck: Drummer, bass player and percussionist, he ‎has been playing with several groups in Gent as a bass player ‎and drummer, Klaas joined the Nile band in 2015.

Madani Mudawi: Singer, drummer and percussionist, he is interested in ‎Sudan musical heritage and playing with Nile band since it ‎founded in 2005. ‎

Nasser Abbas: Keyboard player, painter and audio designer. ‎His experiments included music, visual art and multi-media ‎since graduated from college of fine and applied art in Sudan ‎‎1995.‎

Sami Mahmoud: Guitar player, composer, interested in world ‎music and Sudanese folklore, Sami playing rhythm guitar with ‎Nile band since 2005.

Shihab Sharhabil: Composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist. ‎Shihab is the son of most popular singer in Sudan (Sharhabil ‎Ahmed). Shihab started his music experiments as bass player ‎in his father group in 1987.